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Little War Online is an upcoming crossplatform MMORPG. Featuring fastpaced targetless combat. Soon available on Android, iOS, PC, OSX, Linux & Web. Subscribe for an early beta access.

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Immerse yourself into an open 2D World


Pick a side in this great war story! Choose between the noble Draxian or the fierce Naru.


Explore a vast open world full with magic and mysteries to reveal. Meet new friends in your journey!


Face other players in the open world or compete in the ranked arena and earn prizes & rewards.

Recent belic encounters have unleashed a new era of war between the Draxians and the Naru.

Stand together with the noble Draxian warriors, those who fight for justice and order.

Or fight side by side with the ancestral tribe Naru, defending nature and the balance in the universe.


Take a look at the game.


Aiorium is the Draxians starting city


This is the first Naru camp you will know

Aiorium Forest

Mistirious woods around Aiorium

Magul Forest

The dry forest surrounds Magul


There are many caves & dungeons

Tabua Arena

One of many arena locations


Choose your path wisely

  • Draxian Knight

    Dps, Tank

    The Draxian Knight combines strength, defense and resistance to exceed in combat. Some choose to protect their allies with shields and armor. Others prefer to build up strength and unleash their rage at close range.

  • Naru Warrior

    Dps, Tank

    The Naru Warrior is the most ferocious and savage warrior of the land. With its huge strength and skills he can defend his allies or cause devastating damage.

  • Draxian Paladin

    Dps, Support

    The mission of the Draxian Paladin is to protect his allies, bring justice and vanquish evil from the world. These holy warriors are experts in close range combat. The holy power allows him to heal wounds and cast shields on his allies.

  • Naru Necromancer

    Dps, Support

    The Naru Necromancer is the spiritual guide of his tribe. They found a path in the mystical realm. These voracious spellcasters summon mystical minions to fight beside them and are experts sorcerers that can destroy anyone who stands in their way.

  • Draxian Archer


    From an early age the Naru Archer is trained to master the art of bow wielding. They are capable of dishing out high damage at long distance. Besides from their weapon skill, they are the fastest and more agile warriors of the world.

  • Naru Lancer


    The Naru Lancer is the master of strategy. Using his fierce spear, he can incapacitate, wound and deal huge amounts of damage to his enemies.

  • The Choice
    Is Up
    To You!

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